Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits 18 June 2013

(I posted this particular version of the song because this performance is so badass. I've performed on live national TV several times and it's not easy. Live TV is so tough for performers, because time is always tight and things are so fluid, and there's no chances for do-overs. Celine comes out and her mic doesn't work, then they bring her a new mic and her in ear monitors don't work. They tell her to double check that it's turned on, she does, but no sound. No she has to sing a song, live, in front of a worldwide TV audience with no monitors. Singing on stage without monitors is really tough, it's even tougher in a huge hall like the one they're in. No problem, she takes one out and hits the song, perfect pitch. Partway through, she takes out the other obviously non-functioning monitor and never misses a beat. Did I mention that she crushes the song? Absolutely nails it, despite everything that went wrong. The song itself is very emotional for her and yet she never shows any sign of being flustered or distressed. Badass.)

His ashes spread 
where the Allegheny ends- 
Father's Day

Fathers Day 
the only text that matters 
the distant sun

Our only sun 
glowing on the horizon 
Father's Day

New Moon-
Learning to twist
her dreadlocks
Harvest Moon
rising in the backyard
scent of wild figs

Late night news
tangled in her dreadlocks 
common scents

the weight of everything
that separates us

Son puts my O
in his MOUTH

How cooly
he swishes the net-
August breeze

Rustling around
Medgar's rosebushes-
Deadly thorn

Italian Ice man

twiddles his thumbs-
No Shave day

Obscure Landmark-

The pianist modulates

to a higher key

And until next we meet, may all your potatoes be sweet (and dusted with cinnamon.)

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