Wednesday, December 21, 2011

April in Paris (with Nicole)

Had this poem in different versions for a while now. I think this might be what I was looking for.


Let's stop pretending we understand jazz"
Nicole Blackman

Let's start charting, (We understand Pi.)
let's taste, budding cognizance of tongues
let's sign, waving we comprehend tangents,
Let's strip, opening we complicate clothes.

Let's steam, reddening we understand Blues,
let's hope humming, we harmonize Bird,
let's scale, mapping we understudy Miles,
let's train, loving we sublimate supremes.

Let's tongue, kissing, we understand heat.
Let's sweat, dripping we duplicate drums,
Let's loop, proving we apprehend knot,
Let's stop. Being we now understand Bop.

Another day, another powdered doughnut.

Poem off Three Rails
(For the Cat in the corner pocket with the cool hat)

The favorite stick long, unpolished
The balls in their triangular pen
waiting to be broken like horses,
Verses wish their stolid stanzas
were dominated like headlines by breaking news
Such exquisite milk in her mother's bowls
Ivory as piano keys, or a cued ball
It was the curve of the strike that almost eluded him
Not a match, but her eyelids flickering
The music began to swell like a muscle
Her other mouth immediately moist
The last stanza written in different states,
Because of neutered styles, not united.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cesaria gone-
Now even Morna itself
knows Sodade

Cesaria Evora singing 'Sodade'