Thursday, January 14, 2016

New haiku senryu (and revisions)

Ziggy Stardust fell
Ground Control to Major Tom
Planet Earth is blue

your napping face-
Summer lightning

Post Burial
The old folk play

July sun
A new basketball
too big to palm

Autumn afternoon-
the mailman sorts thru
the yard

earthworms curl
on the sidewalk

Deep Insomnia-
A neighbor's 

Wine glass-
The long tilt of
Her lips

April winds-
Spending a new 

The white king 
rocks under attack-
March wind

Talking to herself
in two coats
July haze

White cat
under the Laundry’s awning-
Spring shower

Snow flurries
from nose to shovel
beads of sweat

country curve
A goose in the road

in the front yard-
frosted grass

A belly 
swollen with gurgles-
New Moon

into a smartphone-

Crescent moon-
A sliver of cake wanes
in the urinal

Under the moonlight
the serious moonlight-
Marsh reeds dance

The poet says
"No comma"

Morning fog
Lingering on the tongue
Earl Grey

Two Trains Running-
Boyfriend on hold
for the husband

Words wrap
around six croaker-
Muhammad Speaks

August afternoon-
The dog licks
an empty bowl

under the quilt-
Not my cat

in a long line for work-
Black ants

Cherry blossoms
glisten with dew-
New lipstick

Memorial Day-
Googling a knot
for the hanging chair

A railing

The last edit
written in red-
Paper cut

First trimester-
The kick of the shrimp

Visiting Room phone-
The long echo of that
last sentence

A quick-blown kiss
high heels its way into
the Etheridge night

Late students-
Missing the

Pine Barrens-
A buzzsaw cuts into
the silence

Full moon-
The sudden O of 
a Glock's muzzle

Low tide-
The ocean also has
Morning Breath

Call to prayer-
The transit bus stops

Both queens
off the board-
Chess widows

April drizzle-
The gutters gush with
cherry blossoms

Unable to shake
the strength of his hand-
Poker nemesis 

The descent of a tear
gas canister

Riot police-
A broken arrow of
overhead geese

Peeking into
the abandoned cars-
Low winter sun

Airport Terminal-
The morning sky dons
a blue cap

into the chairs-
Blind Date

New Years Eve-
Fewer and fewer cubes
in the glass

Winter Solstice-
The long blackness of
a Stretch Limo

Pebble in a puddle-
The moon under a scrim of clouds

Grayish beard-
Yet still playing 
with action figures
of speech. 

December night-
A little bit of Frost
on the syllabus

Hung jury-
None of the strung up sneakers
are gray

Full Moon-
A clean look at the rim
under the lights

Shrimp Gumbo-
Waiting for the flame
to rise

Casino exit-
Losing everything 
but my shadow

Half a crayon-
Our son gets a taste
of the blues

Brick wall
written in cursive-
His pee

December 1st-
Footsteps falling
in the rain

Trailer Park
A murder in broad daylight-
Crows on a branch

Outside the club
Stamped on the back of a hand
Full Moon