Friday, May 11, 2007


Hey all, long time no post. I'll be reading at the Kennedy Center this Mon. (14th) at 6PM at the Millenium Stage. Actually I'll be slamming with some older poets;Regie Kabico, Silvana Straw, Chris August against some younger poets. For those of you who didn't make it, there is a live stream available on the Kennedy Center Millenium Stage website The 'Artist' is DC WritersCorps and the year is 2007, my first poem is about 14 minutes in.

Also, one of my poems seems to have taken on a life of its own. The poem "48 Hours After You Left" was recently re-published in "Love Poetry Out Loud" edited by Robert Alden Rubin on Algonquin Books, after being published in "Spoken Word Revolution". If you click on the link provided on the sidebar however, you will notice that the current posting of the poem is on someone else's MySpace page. It isn't clear if the girl who posted this is trying to claim credit for it, or just posting it because it expreses how she feels. It is however posted without proper attribution, and this is the third time I have found this particular poem posted this way on the web on someone else's webpage. I am very happy that people found some sort of connection to my work, I do however wish that they would credit me. All in all it's probably a good problem to have.