Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Haiku/Senryu and assorted nonsense

Long time no post, for various reasons. Some are technical problems, others personal. I ould prefer to mostly just post poems, but nobody really reads anything other than the haiku and senryu and posting my longer poems means that some publications will consider them "published." So, I'll just be posting short forms mostly from now on.

PROVIDENCE My grandfather escaped a broken chain of islands off West Africa. Off course, they Rhode a storm to an Island that wasn't.

GRAMMA LESSONS My grandmother never spoke Kriolu with me, 
but still put catxupa, 
jagacida and linguiƧa 
on my tongue.

Working her last nerve- Almost full moon

Shrimp Gumbo- Waiting for the heat to come on

Morning fog- The clam boats unload their odor

New recipe- I try to visualize whirled peas

Presidential debate- The garbage disposal grinds to a halt

Telephone line- A constant static of starlings

Cracked flower pot the deep purple blossom her newest bruise

Halloween- The Dentist's pumpkin has all its teeth

Halloween- The kids stack peanut butter cups

Halloween Eve- The tattoo guy practices on a pumpkin

Red light- From the open Marquis' window Sade streams

Supermarket line- Halle Berry is free again

Autumn- Into a pile of leaves we fall

Fire truck- The leaves of the Flame Maple smolder

Home poker game- The origamist folds his cards

Dad's resolve- Folded into three corners of a flag


Tudu Morna tem un Mar
ki ca tem mar di agua
tem mar di Sodade

Flashing roadside in the cop's Aviators- Fireflies

Columbus Day- Discovering the taste of tears

Slave Quarters- Every cabin a Master bedroom

Notification from my favorite app- Blood Moon

Swept up to the top of her head- Super Moon

Buried halfway in a new Bestseller- Fallen leaf