Thursday, May 02, 2013

2013 May Haiku/Senryu

Chess tournament-
my son moves
from my shadow

Morning fog-
The furious roar 
of the ocean

Memorial Day-
She googles a knot
for her hanging chair

Following the path
I stumble on a Ku

Obscure Landmark-
Jazz pianist modulates
to a higher key

Divine Comedy-
Dante walks a mile
for a camel

Two bathers
on the beach puffing-
Cumulus clouds

No toilet paper-
Behind the wrong eye
an itch

Caught between
the couch and the wall-
Her laughter

Back porch
just after the last puff-
First cicada

Taking a cue
from the mottled ball-
His bald spot

Cherry blossoms
glistening with dew-
Her new lipstick

February dawn-
Shoveling a path to
the grill

Asleep in the car-
a seagull on the hood
cocks his head

Atop a pole
hot wiring the cable box-
A squirrel blinks

My father
dominates the room
from his urn

Memorial Day-
A neighbor salutes
with tongs

Above the grill
so many crows on the line
counting briquettes 

Back turned
bowed head searching-
Miles smiles

This dealer's mustache • caterpillar on a branch

in a long line for work-
Black ants

Soaring over
the beach volleyball net-

Summer sunset-
The shadows of her dreadlocks
grow longer

Summer glare-
The sarcasm
in her tone

On the river-
A boat sunk by
Quad Kings

First and U Streets-
Between these fat raindrops

After our fight-
Finding the peanut butter
in the fridge again

Camp bonfire-
The fluttering wings
of a giant moth

August heat-
My son brushes the bare
bottom of the grill

August heat-
The drunk drinks
an empty bottle

Labor Day-
Sweat beads the neck
Daddy's beer

Slapping her
bare bottom-
Old pond

Bright welts racing
down the back of my legs-
Hot Wheel tracks

Purring in the bed-
A cat that is not
my cat

His words 
wrapped around six croakers-
Muhammad Speaks

After church
on the old tube radio-
Immaculate Reception

Red eyes-
Clemente's plane

New Year's Day-
Right Field in Three Rivers

Empty Boardwalk-
The silent journey 
towards yourself

Evening thunder-
Daddy's drunken voice through
the bedroom door

Speeding cars-
The stillness of a tern
in the road




Four AM-
Even the crack zombies

Crack of dawn-
Thin woman scours the spaces
in the sidewalk

Her new tattoos-
Arched eyebrows


Afternoon sun
shiny and unblinking
Nephew's glass eye

Pointing towards 
the abandoned house- 
Used needles

on a junkies' forearm- 
New neighborhood maps

Soggy Marine 
holds umbrella over Prez- 
Afternoon shower

Old Kentucky Home-
Even the Marriage Records
are segregated

August heat-
The kink in the rope 
between her teeth

Summer heat-
A parted head under
a hot comb's glow

Saturday sunlight-
Orange flames devour 
mother's hair

Wisp of smoke- 
Newports and hot combs glow 
between teeth

Crescent moon-
Midnight light treat
Orange slices

Afternoon sun-
Daddy's smile through double

"You Are My Starship"-
The shape of William's

These metal bars-
The creases in Daddy's 
orange jumpsuit

Her fingertips
on the back of my neck-
What lies unsaid

And until next we meet, may all your potatoes be sweet (and dusted with cinnamon.)
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