Sunday, April 03, 2016

National Poetry Month 30/30 Haiku/Senryu

Light April rain-
Our lone purple candle
suddenly gone

Late April dusk-
The shadows slowly bury
a little red Corvette. 

inside the bottle
out of it

April morning-
Cherry blossoms pinken
the snow drifts

Thumb print
on a black fender-
Half Moon

Two weeks into Spring-
already a Cardinal
on the mound

Opening Day-
The Groundskeeper throws out
the rock salt

All hail
what follows the slow clap
April thunder

Back from the casino
with a single white chip-
April Moon

Last blaze of orange
at the Farmer's Market-
a robin alights

The long note 
in her last kiss
-Red Zinfandel 

At the start of the last verse
she mouths the words

Late night poker game-
She asks if I'm All In

Hibiscus flower-
The tremble of her sleeve
In the ocean breeze

My hairline 
the waters of the back bay
in sync

April sunset-
A last slice of orange
opens the lips

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