Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Spark of Magic

Took what was supposed to be a weekend trip down to James Madison University for the Furious Flower poetry conference and it turned into two weeks in the DC area helping out a friend on a contracting job. At Furious Flower I got to hang out with a bunch of poets I hadn't seen in years and cop a bunch of new books. And somewhere along the way I got my mojo (and my Muse) back. Check it;

Mike Brown's body-
The neighbors slowly
trickling out

Ferguson Missouri-
The asphalt heats up
Mike Brown's blood

Mike Brown's body-
My son's full lungs
as we embrace

Ferguson October-
The lingering redness
of fallen leaves

Evening rain-
How quickly the grave
is filled

Blood moon-
Same boy prone in the black street
different name

Rain drops-
Mom's fingerprints leftover
in the flour

Her mouth-
Alarm-red roses
glossed with dew

over Brigantine Inlet-
Her left eyebrow

Shadows boxing-
by firelight

Staring into
an Officer's flashlight-
Full Moon

Flashing lights-
How many times will I
fit the description

DuPont Circle
A black Queen sways
in the Autumn wind

I forget the color
of her eyes

Ferguson dusk
The shadows of the body
longer and longer

My hands on the wheel
Their hands on revolvers

Autumn dusk
My son misjudges the ball
early stars

TV screen flickers-
The feathers of a raven
belie its caw

Lines of clouds
my latest poem

Cars crunch acorns-
A blind woman listens
in the crosswalk

Blood Moon-
The round fullness
Of her lips

Pausing to watch
two deer in the road-
Hunter's moon

Half Moon-
An old couple shares a
spoon of Gelato

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