Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Right Reverend Renegade Remix

Who changed the title of the Blog??

*gets radio transmission through dental fillings*

If you're a regular reader of this space (pause for laughter) or even if you're a weird reader, you know I infrequently post poems and the random essay (usually related to poetry) or review of a book or concert or album or movie or box of powdered mini doughnuts (Wait, what?).

Well, I've decided to shake thangs up a bit and give regular blogging a try. This change is sparked in part by the realization that by far the most read posts here are prose. Three times as many people read my review of last summer's Sade concert than have read all but one of the poems I posted. It should have been a clear sign when my mother asked me the other day if I was still writing poems. If your Mama aint reading your blog, then . . . 
I'm slow, but eventually even my dusty three-legged pony gets there, so we'll give the peoples what they want. European Lesbian Porn!! (OK, maybe not)

Starting today we're going to try a new concept, blogging twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays), fifty weeks out of the year (just because I aint got no job, don't mean I don't need no vacation) on whatever subject catches my fancy. Every post will be at least three hundred words and will feature a song that I find thematic or apropos, they will include book reviews, movie reviews, the occasional rant and ruminations on current goings on, and of course essays on individual poems and aspects of poetry. I'll still post my poems (so yall can continue to not read them), especially the NaPoMo Haiku / Senryu which folk seem to actually read. Every post will include some Steel-cut Oatmeal, a Dealer button and a gray velour Apple Hat. Or not. But quirky humor will be present, I promise. To quote a poet (John Ashbery) whose poems I don't actually like;

No one really knows
Or cares whether this is the whole of which parts
Were vouchsafed--once--but to be ambling on's
The tradition more than the safekeeping of it. This mulch for
Play keeps them interested and busy while the big,
Vaguer stuff can decide what it wants--what maps, what
Model cities, how much waste space. Life, our
Life anyway, is between.

And if that don't float your boat, then feel free to fill your tub with Ripple. Until next we meet, may all your potatoes be sweet (and dusted with cinnamon).
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