Sunday, April 01, 2012

NaPoMo 30 Haiku/Senryu

Well, it's that time again folks. National Poetry Month. And like the last couple of years I'll be trying to average a haiku/ senryu a day for the month. On my Facebook page I'll be posting a haiku/ senryu a day also, but they won't be mine, they'll be some of my favorites and will have some points of discussion/ criticism as well. The first ku is a shout out to a poet friend as well. I'll keep updating this until I have at least 30.

Morning sun-
a single Lemonhead
on my tongue

Spring rain
Falling on the roof
falling off of it

Aint no sunshine
hope she'll be happier-
Spring day withers

as she approaches-
peeking at my hole cards
then folding

Moonless night-
Tonguing where front teeth
once were

Grande Earl Grey-
beard grayer

Ocean breeze-
the side of my tongue
salty snack

filling the beach
in the shadow of the crane-

Across the beach
Bulldozers moving sand dunes -
Ocean waves them back

boy dozes on towel-
bobbing in the summer surf
another buoy

the ducts of Trayvon's eyes-
Spring downpour.

Ebony sky
full and shining above-
her lips

April drizzle-
folding a poem into
a small hat

Spring Equinox-
my glass half full of

April morning-
spooning hot oatmeal
off my pants

April sunrise-
my finger in the cleft of
her peach

April sunset-
Roof of the Lorraine Motel
too red

Drooping power line-
below a crow's clenched claws
Nikes swaying

Slight drizzle-
an alleyrat lapping
an eggshell

the power line

Pretending not
to notice her hand in his-
waning moon

In the mirror
practicing an evil eye-
full moon

Glint of sun
on the sandy beach-
her eyes

woman's giggle-
surf surging across
April shore

shoreline curving
out of the morning mist-
Melinda's mouth

The following poems aren't haiku, but were originally 5-7-5 poems that I thought were haiku when I first started. These are revisions, so some of them now have less than 17 syllables;

Stars are tiny eyes
waiting on a womb
to open

Her almonds
my sharpest glances cannot

A wise man builds
the walls of a house from stones
thrown at him

flicking his wrist
the DJ rocks and wrecks shop
heads bob like Marley
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