Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On the Rationality of Last Night

Recall that:

the passion is the moan plus the tingle;
the passion is to the moan as the moan is to the tingle.

If we call the passion K and the moan B, then the second statement above becomes

K is to B as B is to K − B,

or, algebraically:

Kiss is to Bite, as Bite is to Kiss minus Bite.

To say that last night was rational
means that last night was
a fraction (Kiss divided by Bite) where K and B are intertwined.
We may take (Kiss divided by Bite) to be in roughest terms
and K and B to be still tender.
But if (Kiss divided by Bite) is in roughest terms,
then the identity labeled (rationality) above
says (Bite dreaming of Kiss divided by Bite) is in still rougher terms.
That is a contradiction
which follows from the assumption
that last night was rational.
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