Thursday, October 28, 2004

Quick hits

Good day in the park yesterday,(+$160) not so much for the money, but because of how i made it. Patience is the key to poker and i waited and waited and folded and folded, until Kareem went on tilt and started shedding loot like a shaggy dog. Taught a cool workshop at Banneker High today, the kids were very quick and i think we'll get a lot done. did some revising, but didn't finish the structure essay like i wanted too. it's all Lanny Barbie's fault. I'll finish it tomorrow, i think. Below is poem/riddle i wrote a few years ago, each line is about a different kind of book i.e. a cookbook, see if you can figure out what each kind of book is. i'll post the answers tomorrow.

This book isn't rubber, but will bounce if not properly balanced

This book is made of Middle Eastern fruit, never numbers higher than 31, and will meet you for dinner, dancing, or a movie

This book sits on the sides of the Mississippi, the Amazon, and the Nile, or richochets off rails of green felt

This book has its own staff, and comes quartered, whole or in half

C'mon Baby, this book will light your fire

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